Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kedaar completes 14 months

Kedaar completed 14 months on Jan 8th. Somehow because of busy days at work, we didnt remember that day. On Jan 9th, when we got up, we just remembered that our cute boy has grown one more month. Few new things he has been doing in this month..
He says "mummy", "amma" and "Naanna" very clearly with lot of stress. He also says words that sounds like "i c" etc. He also operates cell phone and tries calling to his grand parents when it is locked :) One of his favorite activities keep listening to songs on cell phone. He also enjoys the steam that comes out of rice cooker saying "aaahh". Whenever the "old mcdonald had a farm" song comes, he sings "EIEIO".He tries to build using the building blocks we bought for him.

Last weekend, we went to picture people to do one more photo session for Kedaar. We have been planning for it since he turned and finally could make it. The pictures came out nicely.

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