Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bye Bye 2007 and Welcome 2008

What an amazing year 2007 was, full of wonderful memories.
It transformed a small 2 month old infant who slept on a
playpen quietly to quick learning ever active playful 13month old.
Right from lifting up, crawling, standing up, taking steps, walking, running to kicking soccer ball with reflections,
every small moment has been amazing. Both of us moved on to new
companies with new roles which we always wanted to be, it all
happened for good in this year. We made a book with Kedaar's first
year memories for his birthday using this blog entries and his pictures, it came out nicely. Here is the link :

Kedaar Nandan book

Uploaded recent Kedaar's cute acts here :

Saying thanks to 2007 for giving us many memories, Kedaar, Chandra and Neeraja welcome 2008.

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Goutham Kondapalli said...

Happy New Year, Kedaar, Chandra and Neeraja. It is a great idea to maintain the blog and make a book out of the first year memories. Keep up the good work.