Monday, March 5, 2007

India trip booked

[posted by Neeraja]

We booked flight to go to India this friday (March 9th).
We planned this all of a sudden and this is going to be a short trip from
March 9th - 31st because Chandra and myself do not have lot of leave. Kedaar just got his passport today and Chandra will be traveling to San Francisco on Wednesday to get the tourist visa for Kedaar. We could not travel along with my parents because Kedaar did not have visa.

We will be traveling from Seattle - SFO, SFO-Singapore and Singapore to Hyderabad. Overall this is coming to a 40 hr hectic with long hault (9hrs) in Singapore. We had to choose this as the Northwest airlines which is convenient with just one flight change is not available till Tuesday, March 13th.We plan to book airport hotel in Singapore so that we can relax during the long hault.I made a list of things to buy for Kedaar for the flight journey. We plan to get Kedaar's 4 months vaccinations done tomorrow so that he will have little bit of time to become normal before we leave for India on friday.I took leave for this entire week because putting Kedaar in day care for just 1 week does not make sense.

Everyone back in India are waiting to see Kedaar and we are also very excited to go to India after 2 years. Hopefully everything will be smooth.

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Goutham Kondapalli said...

Have fun in India. I am sure Kedaar would like it, with so many people around him etc etc.