Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to be a good boy?

As usual Kedaar is cranky, loud all of a sudden. After calming him down with hugs and kisses, we put him to bath. During bath, we asked him to stay in the tub for some time and thing how he can be a better kid to parents while relaxing in water.

Later we got busy in some thing else and we are thinking that we have to go and bring him out from bath.
Then to our surprise, Kedaar was before us, all nicely dressed up and he says "mommy, I thought how I can be a better kid for long time, then I got a great idea, so I came out, wiped myself with towel, took my night dress and wore it by myself. I also dried up my hair myself" !!!!

Today, he comes home and says , "mummy, I was thinking about how to be a better kid for 3 hrs in green art class and I have more great ideas".

Lets see what those are :)

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