Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kedaar preschool graduation and next step for the future doctor..

Kedaar completed his preschool and kindergarten starts tomorrow.
Its been over 2 1/2 yrs since he is attending the preschool and we have been a significant progress in the things he has learnt. He learnt to fairly fluently read now from Alphabets, learnt additions upto adding 6 from recognizing numbers, made so many great friends, went through a big move to CA, explored Karate/Taekwando, Keyboard, art, soccer, swimming extra curricular activities and many more.
Its a been a fun ride and more fun starts when he enters his next big stage when he goes from a school with 1-5 yr old children to 5-10 yr old children elementary school. We wish all the best to the little master to makes everyday of ours irrespective of the tantrums :)
Here is a video of all the songs they performed in their preschool gradulation .
The school didnt allow us to take pictures so Kedaar had to present (represent) his performance at home. Now his consistent future ambition is "I want to become a doctor who drives ferrari"

Other photos.

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