Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers day

Kedaar made some gifts for mom for Mothers day and gave it as part of the parents day tea party they had at school. The parents day tea party was fun. Each kid demonstrated a little bit of what they learn at school. Kedaar answered a subtraction question one of the moms asked. Then all the kids/parents did dance for few minutes:)
In the gifts, the mirror in the picture above is the cutest of all along with a key chain. On the mirror, the sentence says "Mommy I love you, thanks for all you do, really thank you". He wrote this sentence with his own spelling.
The other one he made at home is a small coloring thing along with a poem they were taught in school
"I am like a flower, raised with love by you
Mom. Dad, thanks for all you do."
Again Kedaar wrote this with his spelling and it was so cute.
Later in the evening, dad and the kid got a mom cake and greeting card. Kedaar also cleaned the home, his room that day to give me a surprise and make me a mothers day mom :)

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