Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kedaar's school report & other progress

A bunch of our friends started trying out for new schools to join their kids in Kinder Garden for the 2011 yr in the last 2 months. Kedaar is november born kid, so he will need to continue in Pre-K itself even if he changes school. So though we went to couple of open houses, we preferred continuing in the same school as in that school he can move to the next level (Kinder garden). He stayed with current pre-K teacher for 2 yrs which is the max time a kid can stay in Pre-K.

In the past few months, Kedaar made very good progress a bunch of academic areas along with the other activities he does in school. Counting from 1-120, skip counting to 30 or so, additions of any number till 100 with another number <10, subtractions with <10 numbers, overall he is showing more intereste in academics.
He is actually trying to not sleep in school because teacher is giving work in additions/subtractions in afternoon classes !! This is a surprise for us, ofcourse whenever I start to feel worried about something, there he goes, he somehow starts do the same thing to free up my worries :)

Here is his school reports showing some indications of progress !

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