Sunday, September 12, 2010

Visit to Olympic game farm

We went to a 2 days trip to Olympic Game farm in the long weekend last week.
We went to ferry from Edmonds to Kingston and the farm was just 50 miles from there. The farm was great. Lots and lots of animals , There were bears, zebras, rhinos, peacocks, goats etc along with caged animals like tigers etc. Bst part is that you can buy bread packets and feed any un-caged animals walking freely on roads (like goats, horses etc) and sitting by side ways (like bears)
Kedaar was little bit scared few mins and then he started his feeding by giving few bread pieces to small birds, peacocks, rabbits and then slowly started giving to other bigger animals.
Interesting part was tjat he feeds them a piece, says that "I will wait for birds to finish" and then feeds second one. He carefully tried to feed most of animals and it was a very god experience. We spent 4, 5 hrs there and then stayed in a hotel in Port Angeles. Next day, we saw hurricane ridge, crescent lake, ruby beach and reached home in the night.
It was a pleasant trip, relaxed trip and was good break.

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