Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have a baby

Kedaar when we were coming back from school on Friday..
[Kedaar] mummy, I have a baby
[Me] what!
[Kedaar]I have a little baby
[Me]Where is she.
[Kedaar]She is in India, she is just one yr old, she doesnt know how to talk, she is too small

Later yesterday night while sleeping, he cuddles his all time friends the polar bear & says
[Kedaar]Mummy, bear is my baby. Can you put blanket to her?
[Kedaar]Mummy, bear is hungry, she wants milk.
[Me]Thats ok, she just had dinner, I will give her tomorrow
[Kedaar]Mummy, can you take care of my baby, I will sleep. can you be careful and gentle with her, she might fall.

Thats very sweet of him (I dont have any clue about this India baby story though, will wait for him to bring it up again).

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