Monday, February 8, 2010

New song interests

After we came back from India, the only albumn we started hearing is "Paa". Kedaar likes listening to all the songs in the movie, specifically "Gum sum gum" and "Hitchki Hitchki" songs are his favorites. He hums both of them very nicely.
Around 2 weeks back, we went to the telugu movie called "Namo Venaktesa" in theatre. For the first time, Kedaar sat and watched the entire movie. He liked those songs as well as they have some kind of beat, especially "Namo namo venkatesa" song. he remembers it as the "Deva" song.
Last weekend , we also saw the "3 idiots" movie and from then onwards "All is well" joined his list of favorites.
Today just after dinner, we put him "hakuna matata" song from Lion King and he has been singing it in my ears while I write this :)
One fun thing happened the other day. kedaar was about to sleep and mummy was singing "rama kathanu vinarayya" song from Lavakusa. One of the lines in that song was "Janakuni yaagamu choochu nepammuna" which describes Lord Rama going to Sita's place. Kedaar was almost asleep and all of a sudden he woke up and said "mummy, did you say "choochu", meaning "choo choo train?". it was funny, he was really capable of relating anything to his world of trains :)

I like watching him develop some interest in music and really enjoying it.
Kedaar's school as some piano classes for 3 yr and older kids. We might actually join him there soon.

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