Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kedaar & big nice school

Its been a week since Kedaar started in the new school.
From the second day onwards, Kedaar started saying that "I dont want to go to Nanny's day care, I want to go to the big nice school" on his way to school (the day care and school are same route, so he thinks that he might still go to day care). We generally drop him in his classroom, but today for the first time we dropped him with a teachers assistant who picks up kids from school entrance itself. Kedaar just took his water bottle and happily walked into his class room even before the teachers assistant dropped him. It was so cute to watch that.
He seem to like the school as there are lots of kids to play with and also lots of activities to keep him engaged for the whole day.
In the last week, they let him do some activities to generally explore around and also few things to help him to build focus (like putting push pins in apple shape etc). He learned his teachers names (Ms Indu, Ms Ginger, Ms Mary), school name and tries to tell us what happened in school in the evenings. He also sang couple of new songs (naming days in a week etc). Overall he seem to be liking the school.
We packed lunches for Kedaar in the last week and most of the days lunches just came home as is. He didnt seem to like some common stuff he eats at home as packed lunch(like rice, pasta etc). Yesterday we tried a chapati wrapped with black beans curry (and called it "Enchinada" which Kedaar tasted in Trader Joes one day and liked it). He had that wrap for lunch without complaint for whatever reason and we are super excited about it.
However we don't think we have creative ideas to make his lunch interesting, so we are ordering the hot lunches for him from today onwards (a service(myorganicmeals.com) provides the hot lunch for several schools in this area). Kedaar doesnt eat several items in their menu also (like burger, tofu etc), but we are just hoping that he will learn to eat as he will get hungry otherwise.
Overall we are still happy with the decision to move him to Montessori school and we think he is having a lot of fun.

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