Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Day Outings

Day out with thomas

Kedaar's dream came true :) Kedaar met with Thomas and went for a ride with him.
Here are some pictures of Kedaar taken when went to the "Day out with Thomas" event.
We heard about this through our friends and bought tickets for these back in March.
Kedaar got super excited about seeing several of his favourite characters including Thomas himself, Sir Topemhat etc.

Wild Waves enchanting village Water Park

We went to the wild waves theme park last weekend. We didnt expect that Kedaar would have so much fun there as we thought the rides, activities would probably suit little older kids. Kedaar could get into around 10-12 rides not including water and additionally there is a water pool area with slides etc suitable for small kids. Its amazing and we spent around 6-7 hrs there. kedaar loved it so much , he did all the rides without fear and had a blast in water. Its a great fun for adults too. We are looking forward to go for that one again.

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