Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kedaars fun videos & stories

The latest favourite activity for Kedaar is riding bicycle. We bought a 12 inch bicycle for him last year, initially he tried it little bit, but was too young then to do it on his own. Now he learned riding better with small bicycles at day care and now to our surprise he can do bigger one also very easily. He rides it near our home and he also did near the Alki beach in seattle yesterday.
A small video of his new adventure

A small video of Kedaar saying a couple of characters in Ramayana, his most favourite story. We took this video probably around a month back, now he knows so many characters like rama, lakshmana, sugreeva, vali, kaikeyi, bharata, vibheesana etc, but also knows and can say individual stories associated with these characters. He also loves to watch 3 songs from lavakusa namely "rama kathanu", "vinudu vindudu","sriramuni"

Kedaar's fun with Thomas trains still continuing. Now he is proud owner of 56 thomas&friends trains and still has several in his list. He created a own world with these trains and loves them so much. Here is a video with he naming trains, dancing , shouting and having fun

Here is a small video of Kedaar riding his little scooter near our house.

Kedaar likes this "gada" which we bought in India. Watching Hanuman story and going aorund the house saying he is little Hanuman with this is his another new fun activity. If this gada is in some place he cannot reach he very nicely asks "mummy, can you give me that gada, I need to hit something". We never know, the "something" he wants to hit might just be you :)

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