Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kedaar and his world of trains

Kedaar is extremely fond of "Thomas and friends" series. He knows around 50 characters from this show and can recognize them, can tell stories about them continuously. In the last 3 months or so, he started collecting various trains from Thomas show. Now he has around 25 trains at home and he just loves playing with them. He also keeps reminding us some 10, 20 trains that we are yet to buy every day (mummy, I want harbey, rusty,stepney, petersam etc etc) :)
Here is a small video he telling the names of his trains.

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Gayatri said...

Hey, wow, great, Kedaar knows all his colors as well as his numbers from his trains :) Thats cool !! Nee memory vachhinde mee abbayiki :) Entha pedda train set chesaado, and it seemed like a answer how many questions you can in 2 min laaga undi....vaadu baane pressure thattukunnadu interview ki :)