Friday, August 22, 2008

Some words Kedaar speaks

Kedaar speaks a lot now. He is communicating really through
talking now a days and he became expressive too while he talks.
He literally has a word for every occassion. I want to take video
when he says different words, but his talking became such a
casual thing and we just have to hold the video cam all the time
if we have to record them. So instead I thought I will just write
down once in a while the common words and sentences he speaks just
to remember few.

Some of them are "mommy", "daddy", "ammamma", "thathayya", "atha",
"aamu", "kinda paduthundi", "mummy, Diego bagundi TV pettu",
"aeroplane going","bird flying","Nickeldeon Guts","hamma,sree rama",
"light","walking","water","tennis","chettha, throw it","dirty",
"all done","deva","waterfall","nokku garage","fan piinning",
"chanda mama","moon","brush","hand wash","kedu","etthuko"(lift me up),1 to 10 numbers
and alphabets song,hums all the dialogues and songs from his
Barney DVD,various animal sounds,songs from Guru, "twinkle twinkle
little star" etc. The best one among these recently is the way he
says and shows "fan is spinning". Yesterday he suddenly surprised us saying "koorcho pettu daddy" (in the context of asking daddy to make him sit in high chair)
Its amazing that he always has some thing to say to every one in every context.

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