Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Ugadi

Happy Ugadi.

We went to a near by temple and had ugadi pachadi today. Its been 1 year since he started going to day care. Now a days he is keeping little silent for a while when he meets strangers. Again becomes normal and plays with them after few minutes. Kedaar is picking up words very fast. Few days back he said new words Avuna (is it so), kaaki (crow), fish, duck, noone (oil), pasta (pasa), paripoyindi (ran away), ammamma, aamma, siz, seven, eight, two etc. He is just trying to repeat every word we say. He also dances little bit for rhythmic tunes. He also seemed to like music since he has been a kid, now he learned more like dancing, jumping etc when a rhythmic tunes comes.

Last week we went to veggie fest that happened in seattle. Its basically tasting samples diferent vegetarian items. Kedaar tasted few items.

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