Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kedaar turns ONE

Today is Kedaar's first birthday. I can not believe it is one year already since this cute boy entered into our world.

He started his day with wishes from grandparents and cousins early in the morning.
Then we took him into his room which we painted in light green last week. We also sticked a 5 ft pooh poster in the room. He was super excited to see that.
We went to temple later, but unforunately the temple was closed as we reached there little late around 12 PM.
After temple, we celebrated Kedaar's birthday in his day care with balloons and cake. All the kids had lot of fun.
In the evening, we did Ariselu perantam for Kedaar by calling 3, 4 families. They do this when the kid starts taking his first steps.
I really wanted to do this for him though he started walking 2 months back :) I got these from Vasanthi, a friend of ours coming here from Microsoft India. The perantam was fun and Kedaar enjoyed it.

We are also hosting a party coming Sunday for his birthday.
One more special thing for the birthday, this blog I have been writing from almost an year finally came into the form of a book. We printed the book from The book quality was amazing and we are going to order more copies of these.
Here are the few pictures from the occassion.

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