Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Happy 6th month birthday

Kedaar completed 6 months today. Time just flies by. Can not believe its already been 6 months since this little baby entered into our world.

I made kheer in the morning and made Kedaar taste it :) We took him to library in the evening and got some books for him. We went to Target and bought 2 books(one for colors and one for animals), a cap and inflatable duck bath tub for him.

Below are some new things about Kedaar in the past few days.

-He is crawling little bit on his knees. When I am in kitchen, he tries to crawl towards me. We have put comforters in our great room to create space to crawl. But he comes out of that space within seconds. We are thinking that we might
need a play gate kind of thing that could confine him to a certain area.
-He is able to sit by himself and balance in that position for 3-5 mins.
-We started him on solids. The day care lady is giving little bit of jar food in the afternoon.I am trying to give rice cereal with daal in the night. He eats
maximum one spoon and thats it. We still need to practice giving solids.
-Chandra nowadays gives him bath in bath tub and Kedaar enjoys it a lot.He keeps on
splashing water while he is there.

-We bought a rocker for him. But he does not want to sit there for long. He likes to go around and explore everything in the house.
-We got some telugu animation VCDs from India. kedaar loves watching those songs.That is the only way to keep him in one place these days.

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