Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kedaar's first trip

[posted by Neeraja]

We went for 4-day (Jan 26th- 30th) trip to Las Vegas & San Diego with my parents and Kedaar. I canceleld the Washington DC trip I booked earlier as the weather was not good in DC/New York and booked this one instead. We flew to Vegas from Seattle, stayed there for a day, drove to San Diego ,stayed there for the rest of the time and returned from San Diego.This is first time flight for Kedaar. He did well on our way to Vegas, however he seemed to have got ear pain when the flight was landing during our return flight. We got very tensed when he cried continuously, but apparently crying helps to relieve babies from air pressure during the flight landing. Except that, he did pretty good through out the trip.

This is my second visit to Vegas. My parents enjoyed the place very well. We just stayed for a day as all the casinos would be full of smoke and are not good for Kedaar for long time.

In San Diego, we visited Sea world and San Diego zoo's wild animal park. Sea World was great as we expected, but the surprise part of the trip was the wild animal park. It was amazing and we got to see several animals including groups of elephants,lions ,tigers,rhinos etc in their natural environment from so close.
We hope to visit this park in leisure once again.

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Kavitha said...

Nice photos of Kedaar !! Kedaar looks very very cute.I like Neeraja closeup shot with Kedaar and other one is RCS garu sleeping beside Kedaar.
Add Pics of your trip too.

Best wishes