Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Kedaar - 2 months old

Kedaar completed 2 months yesterday. He wore the orange tiger dress we bought him back in October before delivery and was looking cute in that.We went to temple in the evening and also visited one of our friend's new born daughter on the way. She was born on Dec 15th and is looking tinier than Kedaar. Couldn't believe its just been one month since he looked that way.

From the past two days Kedaar did something cute.He would cry all of a sudden and one of us have to carry him on shoulder. Then he stops crying immediately and will sleep with smile. My mother says he might be feeling lonely when people are not around. That could be one reason. I think that he also loves being
carried on shoulder. So just cries once in a while. So much fun it is to watch him grow big and learning all new stuff day by day.

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