Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Booked flight for Washington DC trip

[Posted by Neeraja]
I booked round-trip flight to Baltimore, MD today for Jan 26th - Jan 30th dates.
As my parents are leaving in March 1st week, we thought we will make 2 trips in these 2 months, one to some place in east coast and one to some place in west coast.
This is going to be first trip for Kedaar. We plan to see Washington DC for 2 days and then Chandra will show Newyork to my parents for the remaining 1 and half day.
Weather will obviously be cold during this time. We really have to plan well for Kedaar's first time air travel and also for cold weather.

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Chandana said...

Neeraja, I left a message on your cell phone. I don't have your home number. It will be nice to see you and your parents after a long time and see Kedaar & ChandraSekhar for the first time.